A new improved recruitment process for the new normal era

ARVIEW – Full Service Recruitment incorporating advanced video suite 

For the new normal we are heading into, we have rapidly developed our service offering, integrating leading recruitment software innovations into a greatly enhanced recruitment process, designed to give significantly better results, within greatly reduced timescales.

Whilst “the plane has been on the ground” we have had the time to research the markets for the best innovations to improve the recruitment process, and to test whether they can add value and save money for our clients. By combining the best available new systems with our team’s extensive recruitment expertise, we believe we have service offerings second to none, and at our same competitive fees. 

For our full recruitment service, we ask for a small refundable fee retainer, and a period of exclusivity. 




  • Full-service video interviewing suite – with your own secure, simple to access and use, online portal
  • Upload and share video job specs, premises tours, company info and benefits packages 
  • Competency based questions provided by us to suit your vacancy 
  • First round interviews completed by our staff and recordings shared with you 
  • Questions are bookmarked for easy access
  • 2nd Interviews carried out by clients via video within the portal, and can be recorded 
  • Psychometric Assessments included (up to 4) with comparisons to ideal candidate profile 
  • Premium advertising across wide ranging leading job boards 
  • 6 months extended rebate scheme 
  • Fees: 17.5%, with a £600 retainer (refundable from fee, or refundable if we are unable to short list candidates for your role - no quibble guarantee)
  • Discount: A further £600 discount from your fee for all retained clients


Why is this needed now? 

Recruitment has to move forward, as with all industries. We should no longer rely on just CVs, and it is past time to move away from multi agancy processes. We are always happy to compete - but to survive and thrive going forward, professional recruitment agencies must insist that the competing is done BEFORE the actual work starts.


  • Faster process to help ensure candidates are not lost mid-way, keeps them engaged and reduces anxieties (job searching is stressful!). 
  • View / consider more possible candidates with time saved interviewing – and only hold extended interviews with the most likely suitable candidates
  • Suits both social distancing, and ongoing environmental issues of travelling by car to interviews 
  • Higher success rates from more dedicated recruitment process
  • We can do better than the traditional CV! CVs combined with a well run short video interview give you far better understanding of the person you are considering recruiting.

Call us on 0117 9592008 or email info@arvsolutions.co.uk for more information, and to get your recruitment process working better.

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