10 critical areas for recruiting success in 2015

10 critical areas for recruiting success in 2015

The challenges in recruiting staff this year will change, and the old issues will be heightened, in a very competitive market for talent. Here are my "Top 10" key issues of importance to employers. Click the link for more details: we will be going into some depth on these in future newsletters.


Employee engagement essential
Failing to fully engage with your current employees will leave you far more open to successful approaches to them for new roles. Good candidates are being approached by other employers and recruitment agencies. Only the most engaged, happy staff will resist offers of promotion and significant pay increases to move. Effective staff retention is arguably more important than a good recruiting strategy - and should be a key part of your recruiting strategy. Candidates love hearing that people don't leave a prospective employer.

Far more counter offers
Counter offers never went away even during the recession, but I anticipate an epidemic. I have always cautioned candidates against accepting them, and inevitably they don't work out for the employee long term (though there are good short term reasons why employers should make them).

Compelling job offers essential
Have you been making offers that you believe are just enough to attract people? In this climate employers will be wise to offer as much as they can possibly justify, highlight the benefits and bonus package, and be clear about reviews, training and development opportunities. Candidates will have multiple offers and will only accept the best one!

Shortage of top recruiters
Really? I read this elsewhere and before reading on I didn't get it, but then I had to agree. Whilst there is certainly no shortage of people in recruitment, there are few who have experienced a truly candidate lead market as we've not seen one in at least 7 years. (Our team's experiences goes back far further, and most of us have seen a couple of recessions at least!) Additionally, there are limited numbers of specialist niche recruiters capable of adding real value in specialist markets and for specialist roles. We are already having to turn away low quality business, and/or low fee business (often they come together). That said - our committed clients are going to need - and will get - our very best service in 2015.

Employee referral schemes
These need a boost this year and could be the most effective form of attracting a good proportion of new staff. Employees need to be fully engaged with the company's employee brand, so that they can tell their friends and network about your business effectively. Once employee brand is right, promoting a referral scheme could reap dividends.

Engagement with young people
No simple answers from me - yet. It seems that there is a significant 'disconnect' between many young people and employers who need to attract them. Solving this, and engaging with trainees, apprentices, and graduates is a key challenge this year.

Attraction of new and different skills
We can't always keep replacing like for like. The world moves forward and so do the skills requirements. We anticipate more requests for lean skills - not just in manufacturing but rolling out in construction and operations too. BIM will be a real area for growth - no longer something just talked about. We will also see more employers open to bringing skills from other industries, which until very recently has been the exception.

Recruit for behaviours above skills
Skills can be taught - behaviours are far harder to instil. I expect to see far greater use of psychometrics and assessment tools this year to establish the right type of person for jobs - who bring the desired personality and drive, and are capable of picking up new skills quickly. We are looking to significantly enhance our offering in this area with a leading provider.

Multi-chanel strategies essential
No single approach to recruiting staff will work. The only thing that works is - everything.

LinkedIn engagement gets harder
LinkedIn is without doubt THE major platform for social media recruitment activity, and it's not likely to change any time soon. The people behind it are making changes all the time that variously make things simpler or otherwise, therefore in depth knowledge is critical.
What I hear increasingly from both candidates and employers is that they are getting increasingly "spammed" with amateur or irrelevant approaches from inexperienced recruiters (often with a slightly inappropriate picture on their profile I'm told!). It is essential to differentiate from the "noise" and offer a quality service that people want to tell others about, rather than press delete.


I'll be going into some of these in more detail in forthcoming newsletters. Please be assured that at ARV Solutions will ensure we remain fully prepared to assist with recruiting needs in 2015 and beyond. Please get in touch to discuss any concerns over your recruitment strategy this year. We will be pleased to help work towards an answer.


Jim Roach

Managing Director, ARV Solutions

0117 9592008