Job Search Advice

We are bringing all our candidate job search advice into one place, and hope to keep adding to this with videos, webinars, and links to further good sources.

ARV Solutions have extensive experience in helping job seekers with training and advice. In the last recession we won a contract with the Job Centres / Department of Work and Pensions to provide jobsearch support to newly unemployed professionals, which many benefited from, and also brought us much needed income!

In the current crisis we have essential Government support already, so are able to open up all our updated resources free of charge.

Please use the resources, and talk to us about your specific job search situation. We will provide free advice wherever possible, and point you to further professionals who can assist.

 Competency Based Questions

Competency based Questions are widely used in interviews, and need to be more widely applied in video interviews, as are now becoming the norm, as they assist employers to make objective comparisons and decisions.

It is essential to have effective, well thought out examples to give to these, and the advice here is designed specifically to help here.


CV Advice

Our advice on how to lay out a professional CV, and what content recruiters and hirers are looking to find. Often great candidates lose out, from a less than ideal CV, either because it doesn't sell you well enough, or clearly enough, or because it just doesn't get found in database searches (whether on job boards or agency CRMs)

Analysing Job Vacancies

Some brief but essential advice on finding vacancies and assessing their suitability to you


Proactive job searching

 Where are the jobs? Where else might you find them - here are our tips as recruiters on how to seek out both advertised and unadvertised opportunities

Training resources

We have been building a list of both free online resources, and many qualifications available, and relevant to enhancing your skills for offsite construction. We have recently updated this, and welcome further suggestions