Modular Building Sales to Education

Modular Building Manufacturer

A tale of two attitudes!  We recently received a cautious enquiry from a very high quality modular building manufacturer who sell directly to the education sector.  Their Managing Director held the recruitment industry in very poor esteem having previously paid out high fees for a less than satisfactory return, and no offer of flexibility in moving forward.

It was obvious that we needed to establish what had gone wrong and what it would take to put things right.  Graham Brown visited the client in order to extract a detailed job description, an accurate person profile that would enable us to shortlist suitable candidates and to also understand the culture fit that would work as the company had a very close knit team.
This accomplished, we set about finding a selection of sales professionals from our own extensive modular sales database, advertised the position to attract passive candidates and promoted the position through our own LinkedIn Group which is the second largest group of its kind worldwide.
The Managing Director was surprised when we submitted just three candidates for first interview then delighted when told we had ruled out over thirty who did not meet the brief.
We were pleased to be invited to attend at first interview stage to add our professional input to this process. (We are always happy to add value here, appreciating that not all line managers are frequent interviewers). These went well, presenting the client with an interesting challenge: two close matching candidates that could bring some refreshing ideas based on their experience and demonstrable track records in sales.  The client was left considering whether to recruit both!
In the end budgetary constraints and the need for the MD to personally commit his time on induction determined they recruited one, though this was a good problem to be given.
ARV Solutions have now been given commitment to work as the company’s exclusive recruitment provider, based on his delight with our targeted approach.

“The over-riding performance indicator for me is gaining repeat business, so to gain exclusivity on future vacancies helps us achieve this and prioritise this client’s needs. It also means we have very good reason to commit to putting the right person in the job in the first place” Jim Roach, Managing Director