Paul Blackwell

Senior Account Manager

Paul Blackwell

Paul joined ARV Solutions in 2017 and brings with him a wealth of experience within recruitment for construction, including expertise in Executive recruitment.

Up until 2014, I had never worked in recruitment, however I had always worked in people related roles whether this had been Customer Services, Payroll or Employee Services. 

When I did enter the recruitment industry I passed my Certificate in Recruitment Practice within my first 7 months. My approach was always going to be people focussed, whereby both the needs of my client and the career aspirations of my candidates were at the forefront of my mind.

When the UK is as close to full recruitment as it is, sometimes the traditional recruitment model doesn’t yield the desired results. I utilize a more direct approach to recruitment whereby I identify passive candidates who may not necessarily be seeking a new role. That starts by understanding my clients: their culture, structure and ambition. From there, I can not only understand their resourcing requirements, but also provide intelligent advice around them, identifying where appropriate alternative approaches that will serve to meet their goals faster or more effectively. 

The same can be said from a candidate’s perspective, whilst CVs are a very good tool for establishing what has been achieved and technical. I take the time to speak with my candidates to understand the behavioural side as to how this has been achieved. Alongside this I also establish their key drivers, career goals and aspirations. This gives me the ability to ensure the best fit culturally for all parties.

In my spare time, I can be found enjoying numerous sports including Football, Golf, Fishing and Darts as well as spending time with my family.

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