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How to retain staff - A survey exploring recruitment and retention of shop floor staff in the Offsite Construction Industry.

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 10 Apr 2019 in recruitment  Timber Frame  Modular Building  

We have been collecting market intelligence from across the offsite construction industry. In response to frequently being asked by numerous clients how to retain staff.

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How to stop your employees from thinking about quitting

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 10 Apr 2019 in recruitment  Training  

Really good employees aren’t always easy to come by. Once they are on board you won’t want them to slip through your fingers. It can be costly to replace top workers and be detrimental to productivity.

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How to get promoted

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 03 Apr 2019 in recruitment  Jim Roach  Marketing  Training  

Want to move your career up a notch but aren’t quite ready to look elsewhere? How can you enhance your chances for promotion? Read our tips below on how to give yourself the best chance of getting the result you want.

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ARV Solutions thrilled to have 17 clients shortlisted in the Offsite Construction Awards.

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 06 Feb 2019 in Marketing  

Less than a month to go until the annual Offsite Construction Awards. These awards recognise the best in precision building design and delivery. Celebrating outstanding examples of factory-based methods, prefabrication, production systems and disciplines which are leading the way to develop a sustainable and cost-effective approach to delivering a better built environment.

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Offsite is the answer whatever the outcome

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 06 Feb 2019 in Jim Roach  

In today’s less than certain world, there are plenty of questions over our economy, and seemingly endless indecisiveness and debate from those that govern.

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Five reasons why December is a great time to look for a new job

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 13 Dec 2018 in recruitment  

Don’t be mistaken by thinking December isn’t a fruitful time to look for a new job.

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2018 in Review - A Record Breaking Year for ARV Solutions

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 12 Dec 2018 in recruitment  Jim Roach  

The ARV Solutions team are finishing 2018 on an all-time high with a record number of placements with more employers than ever before. This is particularly as a result of making some bold decisions to build up and develop the staffing structure within the business, and implementing strategic changes in how we work with clients, educating the recruitment process to ensure clients don’t lose out on the best candidates to competitors. This was particularly important as we are in the tightest candidate availability market in 20 years (KPMG – REC Report on Jobs.)

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