ARV-ADS - Advertising & Vetting Service

Posted by Jim Roach on 20 Jul 2020 in Jobs  recruitment  

ARV-ADS is our advanced advertising and vetting platform, for clients who want to advertise direct, and run their whole recruitment process in-house, or with some further support from the team at ARV Solutions - you choose.Ideally suited to semi-skilled and volume roles

There are three things that have stopped us selling a lower cost advertising and vetting service to our clients.  

Our own mindset (we’ve always charged recruitment fees!).  

Availability of a platform advanced enough to do it really well at an affordable licence cost. 

Time to get it moving! 


We’ve had a unique opportunity in recent months to take the time to develop new services 

We now have the platform we’ve always been looking for to make this work really well. 

We also recognise the indisputable need to bring down recruitment costs for our clients (whilst potentially still increasing our revenue streams – it has to work all round!) 


Have we gone mad? We believe there is still a real need for professional and specialist recruitment agency services – for your hard to fill jobs – and we can do that even better now with the ARVIEW service we have developed. 


For all other roles which employers would tend to advertise directly, we can now offer your own access to our advanced advertising and vetting platform. It is a really smart solution for direct recruitment, and ideally suited to volume recruitment – i.e. shop floor, trades, customer service, administration, telesales and more. 

We can now help our clients on more, or potentially all of your recruitment needs, and help drive down costs as well as hugely improve quality – so hopefully not mad! 


What does it do? 

The platform is designed as a full recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) system for volume roles, normally only available under licence, and is now available, via ARV Solutions, for either single use, project recruitment, or your own licenced RPO at low cost. We are so confident in the advanced features and benefits of this additional platform for volume recruitment you will soon potentially want to move to your own licenced RPO – which we will be pleased to facilitate and provide ongoing support to. 


Buy a single advert for £600.00 

Buy a bundle of 10 adverts for £4,500.00 

Assistance with set up - included

Basic screening £600.00 per day

Further vetting / shortlisting / arrange interviews through to offer £600 per placed candidate 

Or upgrade to a licenced version costing from £500 to £2000 for most needs, plus advertising costs


Contact Paul Blackwell  to discuss your needs, and our best options for you

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