CITB Industry Forecast

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CITB Industry Forecast

The CITB Construction Skills Network forecasts growth for the UK construction industry in their new report. Output and employment are predicted to rise over the next five years.

The CITB, the Construction Industry Training Board, has released their Construction Skills Network Forecasts for 2018-2022. The report is reassuringly positive, with over 150,000 construction jobs set to be created over the next five years despite Brexit uncertainty and Carillion’s collapse.

Our verdict? These employment and growth predictions highlight an urgent need to address the labour shortage within the construction industry.

According to the report:

* Demand will be highest for carpenters, process managers and professional staff

* Growth output expected to increase significantly in Wales, the South West and the North West

* Infrastructure and housing will be the best performing sectors

* Brexit concerns mainly to affect the commercial sector

CITB construction report statistics

The CITB identify professional and managerial roles as the largest area for job growth.

They predict these roles will be created as the industry aims to boost productivity, which is forecast to grow by 7.8% and 5.6% over the next five years.

CITB employment growth regions

The report also highlights that affordable housing will remain a priority after the 2017 November budget pledge to increase the annual rate of house building from 217,000 to 300,000.

Our industry experts here at ARV expect more and more homebuilders to turn to offsite construction as a solution to meet this pressing need for efficient housing production.

In order to meet the demand for an extra 158,000 construction workers the industry will need to collaborate and rethink how to address the current skills and labour shortage.

ARV Solutions are planning a Roundtable event with key industry thinkers to address the growing skills gap within construction - keep an eye on our website, more details to follow.