Cakes for Rhian

Posted by Jim Roach on 07 Mar 2016 in Events  

Cakes for Rhian

We were treated to some fine cakes today, made by Suzi Chadwick, our Office Manager. All to mark Rhian's temporary departure on maternity leave.

Great Monday at ARV Solutions. Rhian will be temporarily departing on maternity leave shortly, so we felt the need to celebrate and wave her off. A pub lunch didn't seem approriate so we have had a day of fun and food!

 We started with a healthy (in some cases) breakfast across the road at The Grupo Lounge where we saw extremes from avocado to extra black pudding with a full English!


After this, a little work was fitted in, filling your vacancies, then Afternoon Tea, and Games!

Suzi, our Office Manager excelled in making these amazing cakes. (We are interested in recruiting new staff if you were wondering how you could get to be part of this! Call Jim on 07710 346000)


Additionally we had a "guess which baby photo" competition (very relevant!) followed by various further games. I think we should say that we all came out as winners and not name the actual clever ones!


We all wish Rhian the very best with her soon to arrive twins.