How to stop your employees from thinking about quitting

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 10 Apr 2019 in recruitment  Training  

Really good employees aren’t always easy to come by. Once they are on board you won’t want them to slip through your fingers. It can be costly to replace top workers and be detrimental to productivity.

Read on to discover how to secure and retain your best talent and encourage them to invest their career with you. Remember not everyone has the same agenda and is motivated by the same things. 

1) Hire a good fit

A good fit should be for the role itself and your company culture. Don’t take short cuts or recruit half-heartedly. You should be looking for someone who suits the working environment, find out if you can match their motivations and you should be able to pick someone who is a great fit and therefore will want to stay with your company for a long time.  

2) Sometimes it’s the small things

Do you offer any benefits? Are they actually what people want? Sometimes it can be the little perks that make an employee happy in their work place. An early finish on a Friday, working from home, good coffee! When recruiting let people know about your key benefits and the little perks – it will help you stand out from your competitors. People can become complacent and take benefits for granted. It's worth reminding people of the benefits they receive and that these are only possible as a result of their hard work and commitment. 

3) Communication is key

Transparency is important to people, they like to know where they stand. Keep your employees in the loop about significant company goings on. By involving them they will feel invested in the business and feel that they hold value, particularly if they are given the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and opinions.

4) Make them feel valued

Not everyone is motivated by money but no one wants to be paid less than they feel they deserve. Research the current market rate, can you match it? Even better can you exceed it? Don’t let employees or potential employees feel undervalued by offering less than your competitors, salary can be one of the most competitive factors for job seekers, if they are paid their worth they are less likely to look elsewhere. Check out our latest salary survey here.

5) Be approachable

Encourage feedback, if employees feel able to bring up any issues as they arise they can be resolved before they develop and become a reason for them to want to look elsewhere. 

6) Do they have room to grow?

Offer training courses and development opportunities, in house or externally. If employees feel like they are encouraged to grow they are more likely to want to stay. It doesn’t always have to be about promotion but if an employee deserves to be promoted, offer them the opportunity for growth.

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