Introducing the 2019/2020 Industry Salary Guide

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 14 Aug 2019 in Jobs  recruitment  

Each year our team of expert recruiters here at ARV Solutions get together to put together the Offsite Salary Guide.

This Guide, now in it’s third year, is based on actual candidate placements throughout the year within the MMC / offsite construction sector. Salaries are likely to more closely reflect the figure people are moving jobs for (which is the figure we have to work with as recruiters) rather than that which people are earning within their role.

Perhaps surprisingly considering the shortage of skills along with the progression of the market, on the surface salaries look to have not increased significantly. Unlike previous years, broadly the salary bands look to have remained the same as in 2018. A delve further is needed to understand the full story.

Taking a closer look we discovered there has been movement in that a far higher proportion of salaries, although not exceeding higher levels now sit within the top level. In addition, and although a smaller group, the bulk of the rest are within the lower levels, in previous years we have seen salaries evenly spread across the range.

So what do we expect over the next 12 months?

Without a doubt there will be a lot of change and indeed further opportunities for growth within this industry. MMC and offsite construction will face many opportunities and challenges over the next 12 months. Potential changes caused by political forces, alongside advances within the sector and huge backing from the government means MMC will certainly, regardless of political or economic ambiguity have opportunity for growth. Within the industry we need to be sure that the workforce and talent is there to meet demands and build on the opportunities for growth.

Is our salary guide reflective of your business? Are you struggling to find the talent to grow despite keeping salary offerings on par with competitors? In order for new talent to be interested in the industry competitive salaries need to be offered as well as additional benefits and perks. These do not necessarily have to have huge financial implications. In our recent candidate poll we asked them to pick their top five benefits or perks, which would affect whether or not they would apply for or accept a job offer; it’s a candidate lead market after all. 

The top five were: 
1. Competitive salary
2. Sense of purpose/job satisfaction
3. Culture – the office environment
4. Work / Life balance
5. Flexible working

Training and an easy commute were very close behind. It is imperative to look at the whole package on offer to a candidate. To most a good work/life balance and favourable office environment are just as significant as a competitive salary.

We value feedback, it is important to us at ARV Solutions to add real value to everything we do. Please let us know your thoughts by taking our quick survey here.  If you would like to discuss our salary guide or any of our other services including project recruiting, benchmarking salaries, succession planning, competency based interview questions contact or call 0117 959 2008.




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