Kevin McCloud's Sustainable Housing Company

Posted by Graham Brown on 20 Sep 2013 in Timber Frame  Jim Roach  

Kevin McCloud's company HAB - Close to its Investment Target

HAB, Kevin McCloud's Crowd Funded sustainable homes business is close to its £1,500,000 stretched investment target.  The goal was to reach £1,000,000 which was easily achieved and within a relatively short time they are close to their ultimate goal of reaching £1,500,000.

For a modest investment of £100 there is an opportunity to be part of an exciting company whose goals are to build sustainable, attractive homes (Happiness, Architecture, Beauty) and eventually, hopefully, return a profit.

Mr. McCloud has personally made a significant investment of money, time and committment into the company and we all wish him well from the whole team at ARV Solutions.

There is a wicked rumour that some of us here at ARV Solutions have had a little flutter on HAB ourselves.