Why You Could Be Losing Top Candidates to Your Competitors: When Employers Take Too Long to Make a Decision

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 20 Feb 2018 in Jobs  recruitment  Rant  Jim Roach  

Why You Could Be Losing Top Candidates to Your Competitors: When Employers Take Too Long to Make a Decision

This is an issue we see time and time again but it is rarely addressed... Could it be hindering your business from hiring the best candidates?

It’s a common pitfall we see often in recruitment; candidates are snapped up by competitors because employers just took too long to arrange interviews, too long for them to take place, and too long to confirm an offer.

Particularly within our specialist field recruiting across Offsite Construction, and especially when it comes to Design, Technical and Management roles, the talent is in very short supply. The construction industry is growing faster than most sectors of the UK economy, and this means thousands of new jobs are now available. This is colliding with a severe skills shortage already. The increasing demand for talent is great news for candidates but also a tricky situation for employers. Strong candidates with relevant skills are hard to find and there are too many jobs to fill.

In the UK more than half of candidates have accepted the a second-choice job offer because hiring managers are failing to provide feedback fast enough.* Often a candidate will take the first offer received without waiting for others. 

It can sometimes take weeks or even months before candidates finally recieve interview feedback because they are waiting on employers. Very few candidates are willing to wait around that long. It’s understandable really, we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Candidates can’t afford to hang about.

And the better the candidate, the more likely they are to find another job in that time. Employers need to speed up communications, especially if they find someone they really want to hire.

Candidates with valuable expertise such as CAD and software skills, or those with specialist work experience, are aware they are in high demand. They know the ball is in their court. When a candidate like this comes onto the market employers need to act fast and get in first.

If you are unsure about a candidate, you may ask them back for a second interview. In the meantime, it's likely your competitors have already interviewed, made up their minds and made a job offer. Around 52% of interviewers make their decision about a candidate in five and fifteen minutes of the interview.**

“It’s the most competitive market ever, out there,” says Jim Roach, Managing Director at ARV Solutions. “I’ve been working in recruitment for almost 30 years and I’ve seen companies bend over backwards to attract the best candidates. Put your faith in your recruitment specialist who knows their field. If they say a candidate is a strong match then don’t hang about to meet them. It is flattering for a candidate to get a job offer quickly, and shows real commitment from a potential employer – and makes all the difference.”

*Source: Recruitment Grapevine

**Source: How quickly do interviewers reach decisions? An examination of interviewers' decision-making time across applicants

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