It's nearly always better than you think!

Posted by Louise Duffell on 21 Dec 2016 in recruitment  

It's nearly always better than you think!

In recruitment there's often that heart-stopping moment when you get a call, email/Linkedin message from a placed candidate where you think "Oh no, what's wrong?". It happened this morning ....

This morning on Linkedin I congratulated a placed candidate on a work anniversary. This was followed quite quickly by a notification that he had sent me a reply and I thought "oh no, what's wrong?".  As it turned out, it was nothing.  He replied to say thank you for the part I played in getting him the job, and that it was the best move he could have made.


Moral of the story?  It's always a lot better than you think it will be! 


Postscript: this message was followed by a visit from a contractor who called in to deliver a timesheet accompanied by a box of biscuits (shared with my co-workers) and a bottle of red (taking that one home)


Happy Christmas!