Job benefits and perks - what's top of your list?

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 23 May 2019 in Jobs  

Today people are choosier about the jobs they accept. Feeling value in your job is key but how do you manage what takes priority? What is your motivation?

Not all employers offer monetary benefits such a competitive starting salary, bonuses or healthcare but offer other valuable non-monetary benefits. Flexible working, training, career progression, favourable company culture or a better work-life balance can all prove invaluable. What holds value to you? Before applying for a role think about whether your requirements are being met.

What factors are negotiable? Which would you really not be moved on? Job benefits are not just about competitive wages and a big benefits package – perks come in many forms. In reality, day in day out what will make or break your happiness at work? Thinking this through before accepting a job offer will lead to better job satisfaction. Let us know your top five non-negotiable benefits  - Click here to take our 1 minute survey. We really would be interested to find out what your priorities are. 

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