Could you help with our new office Fit-out? Creative offsite ideas wanted!

Posted by Jim Roach on 13 Jul 2016 in Timber Expo  Timber Frame  Jim Roach  Marketing  Events  

Could you help with our new office Fit-out? Creative offsite ideas wanted!

Creative suggestions welcomed for our new office. Will you help design and furnish our office?

With a move to our new offices imminent our thoughts move to fit-out and design so we are shamelessly asking suppliers if they might share with us some of their products, in return for an opening party invitation, a lot of social media attention, probably some interesting pics on our next exhibition stand, charitable donations, and our eternal gratitude!


As we work with the offsite construction sector and their supply chains, we thought how fantastic would it be to work amongst the materials and products our clients manufacture?

We have a vision of CLT desk tops and acoustic panels made from diverse products. Timber cladding as feature walls, OSB for book cases and much more – we welcome your ideas! It would make for a vibrant and original workspace, and will be ideal for educating our staff and any clients or candidates we meet here.

Additionally we will be sending our most creative staff up to the second hand shops, and reclamation yards of Bristol to pick up pallets (for planters), and a range of chairs, bar stools, and decorations that we can upcycle, recycle and paint/cover with corporate colours. Hopefully we’ll find some Lego too (I have a plan for this!).


So what’s on our shopping list?

Anything you could spare, including ex-display, waste material, rejects, dead stock, wrong sizes, possibly a small project for Apprentices?


Our current contacts will know we love social media – and we will give you all ongoing promotion (we have just hired a highly experienced Digital Marketing Coordinator to our team, so this should get lots better too!). 


Please contact Jim Roach if you might just be able to help – we may be calling you soon anyway, so why not get in first!

0117 9592008