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Why add psychometric profiles to your recruitment process?

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 20 Jul 2020 in recruitment  

Our aim is to provide clients with the confidence to make the right decisions when it comes to recruiting for their business. Providing them with more measurable objective data, and a full circle view of a candidate’s true suitability.

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ARV-ADS - Advertising & Vetting Service

Posted by Jim Roach on 20 Jul 2020 in Jobs  recruitment  

ARV-ADS is our advanced advertising and vetting platform, for clients who want to advertise direct, and run their whole recruitment process in-house, or with some further support from the team at ARV Solutions - you choose.Ideally suited to semi-skilled and volume roles

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Why not use TEAMS? Or Skype or Zoom……?

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 15 Jul 2020 in recruitment  

Video interviews are easy to do, we can all use Skype, Zoom, TEAMS – loads of options out there. So why have we bothered to invest in our advanced video interview platform incorporating an applicant tracking system?

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Why pay a retainer?

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 07 Jul 2020 in recruitment  

Retained recruitment – what does it mean? Are there any real benefits to working with an agency under a retained solution? Surely this is just a scheme to make money out of clients, without delivering on their promise? Actually, it is a start towards paying agencies for the work rather than the success only outcome, you are paying to get better results – a win for everyone.

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How can we get better recruitment for the same price? Or less?

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 06 Jul 2020 in recruitment  

What does better recruitment mean? Easier, faster, having the pick of the best talent? By working exclusively with clients, to a far speedier and value-added process, we keep candidate interest and don't lose out to other competing agencies and clients don’t lose out to competitors. Win - win!

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ARVIEW early successes

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 03 Jul 2020 in recruitment  

We are off to a flying start for the new ARVIEW recruitment process, incorporating our advanced video interview platform and client portal, along with further value-added services. We are already achieving some great early successes!

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First round interviews completed for you - How to be one step ahead before you’ve even started!

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 29 Jun 2020 in recruitment  

How can you speed up the recruitment process with better results? Online interviews and specifically our new service, ARVIEW, enables companies to save significant time and cost throughout the recruitment process while improving the quality of hires. Our advanced client portal allows you to make a more informed decision, with more confidence and quicker.

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