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Prefabulous! An offsite housing revolution?

Prefabulous! An offsite housing revolution?

Posted by No User Name Found on 06 Oct 2017 in Jim Roach  

Jim Roach, Managing Director of ARV Solutions discusses their experience of developments across offsite housing. The housing industry could be on the verge of a revolution. The seventies image haunting the reputation of “prefab” homes has been shaken off and prefab is fast becoming obvious as a feasible and sensible solution to solve the housing crisis.

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How to secure top talent and keep them

Posted by No User Name Found on 05 Oct 2017 in recruitment  

Today it's a candidate's market, talent is in high demand and your competitors are competing for talent too. To ensure you don't miss out on securing top talent for your business read our top tips.

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What if the grass isn't greener

Posted by No User Name Found on 29 Sep 2017 in recruitment  Rant  Jim Roach  Marketing  

We’ve all been there at some point, to stay or go? Knowing when you should or shouldn’t leave your current job for pastures new can be a tough one. Is the grass always greener? If you stay put will you always wonder what if? When and how you change your job can either fast-track or blight hinder your career.

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You are your biggest influencer

Posted by No User Name Found on 18 Jul 2017 in Jim Roach  

Don’t let the current political uncertainty hold your career back. Read our recent article by ARV Solutions, MD Jim Roach, as featured in Structural Timber Magazine's Summer issue.

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How To Impress At An Interview

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 13 Jun 2017 in Jim Roach  Training  

Whether you're going for your dream job or your first role out of school or uni, you want to make sure you pull out all the stops in any job interview. The more you practice and preparation you put in the better you get!

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Overcome the Design skills shortage and future proof your business

Posted by No User Name Found on 25 May 2017 in recruitment  Jim Roach  Training  

The skills shortage within the construction industry is a hot topic. A recent report by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has suggested that offsite construction needs to develop the right skills to meet future demand. There are several barriers to solving the skills gap; existing training doesn’t include offsite content, there is a lack of awareness of current training and a shortage of qualified training providers and assessors. The full report highlights available training and identifies gaps.

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Preparing for Uncertainty - Could Brexit could spell the end for the UK Construction Industry?

Posted by No User Name Found on 09 May 2017 in recruitment  Jim Roach  

As I sit down to write this article Theresa May has just signed a letter that will trigger Brexit. Formally beginning the UK’s departure from the European Union, triggering a period of uncertainty for thousands of EU workers and putting the future of the construction industry into jeopardy.

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