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Guide for a smooth online interview

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 28 Jun 2020 in Training  

We've put together our guidelines for a smooth online interview. Treat a video or telephone interview as you would a face to face meeting. Be as prepared and as professional just like you are meeting in person.

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When a little bit of competition isn’t good

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 25 Jun 2020 in recruitment  Jim Roach  Training  

Competition can be healthy, no one should be afraid of working in competition. However, in the vast majority of industries, the competition comes to a conclusion prior to the work starting. Not so for recruitment. Too often agencies are expected to carry on competing after the work has been started - potentially leading to a race to get CVs. Sounds flawed right? It is, and potentially encourages recruiters to send first check later, leading to a negative experience for both candidate and client.

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How to stop your employees from thinking about quitting

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 10 Apr 2019 in recruitment  Training  

Really good employees aren’t always easy to come by. Once they are on board you won’t want them to slip through your fingers. It can be costly to replace top workers and be detrimental to productivity.

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How to get promoted

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 03 Apr 2019 in recruitment  Jim Roach  Marketing  Training  

Want to move your career up a notch but aren’t quite ready to look elsewhere? How can you enhance your chances for promotion? Read our tips below on how to give yourself the best chance of getting the result you want.

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How To Impress At An Interview

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 13 Jun 2017 in Jim Roach  Training  

Whether you're going for your dream job or your first role out of school or uni, you want to make sure you pull out all the stops in any job interview. The more you practice and preparation you put in the better you get!

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Overcome the Design skills shortage and future proof your business

Posted by No User Name Found on 25 May 2017 in recruitment  Jim Roach  Training  

The skills shortage within the construction industry is a hot topic. A recent report by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has suggested that offsite construction needs to develop the right skills to meet future demand. There are several barriers to solving the skills gap; existing training doesn’t include offsite content, there is a lack of awareness of current training and a shortage of qualified training providers and assessors. The full report highlights available training and identifies gaps.

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Using LinkedIn to enhance your job search

Posted by Chloe Burrell on 23 Mar 2017 in Jobs  recruitment  Training  

Follow our steps to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile

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