Key Candidate Marketing Service

Marketing candidates individually is one of the most effective ways for us to help place skilled people into their next career move.

Whilst we are very pleased to fill jobs whenever clients have a need, increasingly we are actively promoting the best candidates directly to our preferred clients, who are glad to create opportunities for new talent

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For candidates with a strong background within our core markets particularly (offsite construction and construction supply chain) we are able to offer a proactive marketing service to present them to the best employers to suit their needs. Our market knowledge, broad contact base, as well as a reputation for behaving professionally and ethically mean that we are ideally placed to put together the best list of companies to approach. You will come across much more professionally having just one specialist agency working closely with you, rather than employers receiving your CV multiple times from multiple sources - which is always offputting.

We communicate closely with candidates to put together target employers, many of whom will already be known to us, who we are confident will welcome an approach speculatively for unadvertised roles.

It is worth highlighting that there is no charge to candidates for this service. Our pre-requisite is that you have a strong reason for looking for your next career move, rather than just seeking a salary increase, and that you are available to attend interviews with reasonable notice.

Call 0117 9592008 and ask to speak to one of our Senior Account Managers or initially email us: