Psychometrics and Testing

Psychometric profiling

Psychometric Profiles are a valuable tool to help ensure the right match for a vacancy avoiding costly unsuitable hires.  Whilst a candidate will either possess or lack the technical requirements, it is less clear whether they have the right temperament, attitude and drive for a role.

ARV Solutions works with Thomas International using the DISC® profile method to help our clients assess the suitability of a candidate’s character alongside their technical abilities.  The system is flexible enough to be used for roles at all levels within the organisation and for all disciplines.  Assessments produce reports that give very specific behavioural characteristics. 

For recruitment purposes, the key players for each vacancy (individuals who know the job well) complete a JOB questionnaire, with the results consolidated to produce the ideal candidate profile.  Each shortlisted candidate then completes a Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and the resulting report enables the recruitment team to compare the candidate profile against the profile from the completed JOB. 

Thomas International has over 35 years' experience in assessment, and is continually refining its range of assessment products to meet the changing needs of the workplace.  In addition to recruitment, they can also be used in assessing development needs of your staff.

We use it within our own business as we find it offers clear unambiguous information, and is uncannily accurate.


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